Purpose Driven People

The WHY, WHAT and HOW to create business agility and work towards sustainable growth, all combined into one book

Delivering value and being meaningful. So does everybody. But how and where to begin?
PDP book

Why, what and How

Volatile market conditions, customer and employee demands, value creation, the need to react fast, and being relevant and meaningful: with the way and speed that today’s ever-evolving business environment is moving, Agility within organisations is no longer a buzzword, it’s a necessity. And implementing Agile models and methodologies is the most logical path to take. Being truly Agile from the heart of the organisation, however, isn’t always that easy. But it’s certainly not impossible. The question is: How to achieve it?

How can this book help you

This book helps you do just that. Inside, you’ll find a refreshing and unique approach towards the WHY, WHAT and HOW of creating Business Agility and sustainable growth. One where people form the heart of future organisations and agile networks, and actively shape the future of work together. Its pages intertwine fiction with non-fiction and include data, research, practical experiments, tooling and cases from experts to support it all.

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