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Your secret to success: 5 Key benefits of the Obeya

What are the 5 key benefits of this game-changer that has been transforming the way leaders navigate their challenging path of dynamic business leadership and alignment of the company's overarching purpose to strategy, and precise execution.

Why your approach to change is vital

Getting your transformation up to speed from day one, with the right approach and strategy is paramount to its success. So, how to do this?

Discover 4 bite-sized steps to unlock purpose, transform leadership and drive Business Agility

With Twinxter's 4-step approach to connecting purpose with strategy, you can pave the way for a thriving organisation that adapts and excels in the face of change.

Charting a course through complexity 

Let’s explore 5 actionable examples to help you gain a broader perspective, understand the interconnectedness of your challenges, and redefine your purpose.

5 Myths about Business Agility that will make you go Agile-whaaat?

Let’s explore the 5 most common misconceptions about Business Agility, so you and your organisation can bring your own Business Agile aspirations to the next level.

Unlocking the Agility Paradox

The transition towards an Agile organisation ironically also creates new constraints. This phenomenon is also known as the Agility Paradox. Read more about 5 ways to unlock this paradox.

Credibility of the sponsor

Your goal and story can be crystal clear, but the credibility of the messenger is key. If the person on stage telling the story is not trustworthy, then his or hers message will simply not stick. So, what to do?

Lasting change…?

To create a lasting transition, it is necessary to take a different approach, with a different kind of thinking and behaviour. This approach is not a fixated plan, cookbook or blueprint set in stone.

Change communication: overrated or dire necessity?

Communication is the lifeline of any transformation and makes the process and people’s life’s a lot easier. Even if it is not much that you can share, transparency is crucial.