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Trust is not a given, it is something you have to earn

Lately there is one concept that has gained quite some traction and that is the concept of establishing a Governance of Trust. Based on principles such as transparency, accountability, and mutual respect, it ensures your organisation to operate more fluidly so it can adapt more effectively to upcoming challenges.

Embody the changes you wish to see

Role modelling is a fundamental aspect of effective leadership. It encompasses the concept that leaders have to embody themselves the behaviours, values, and attitudes they wish to see in their organisation.

The thin line from power to empowerment

Empowerment has to do with delegating, participating, autonomy, responsibility and having a choice. Whereas power is mostly relating to a person, organisation or country that has control over others. There also lies the complexity in the matter.

Mastermind Climate for Change

Discover with your peers what it takes to establish a Climate and/or Culture for Change in your organisation, during this highly interactive live Mastermind. Experience the power of Collective Intelligence, how it opens a world of opportunities, information and ideas, increases EX and CX and energises a Climate for Change.

How to balance the rollercoaster of change

What happens when a change is announced? Your instinctive response-based System 1 has 3 possible outcomes: Fight, Flight or Freeze. While System 2 is based on rational thinking. So how do these systems compete? Lets' find out.

All you need to grow Business Agility

So what does it take to start and grow Business Agility? Is it just a mindset? Or collective ideation? Does it really take commitment from everybody? And how do you get to an iterative and inclusive Transformation Journey?
Become unstoppable: 7 Secrets to a trailblazing people transformation journey

Become unstoppable: 7 Secrets to a trailblazing people transformation journey

No one designs a vision and related strategy to let it collect dust in a drawer, yet this happens quite regularly. So let’s take a closer look at how you can make a difference.

Your secret to success: 5 Key benefits of the Obeya

What are the 5 key benefits of this game-changer that has been transforming the way leaders navigate their challenging path of dynamic business leadership and alignment of the company's overarching purpose to strategy, and precise execution.
Why your approach to change is vital

Why your approach to change is vital

Getting your transformation up to speed from day one, with the right approach and strategy is paramount to its success. So, how to do this?