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Explore the WHY, empower the HOW and enable the WHAT of Business Agility.
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Co-creation, collaboration and customisation

We want to help you to create flow and energy and co-create a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short: a great, open and transparent place to work. This will enable you to stay relevant and add value to your people and customers alike. And as no two places are the same, it goes without saying we take a customised approach to ensure everything is tailored to your company and its specific challenges.

Twinxter Transformation Journey

This is where we step in. We understand the indispensable benefits Business Agility brings to an organisation and we’re here to help you transform your company into that Purpose-driven Powerhouse. We believe the journey towards Business Agility can only work when employees and customers alike are able to connect, co-create and develop the foundations for joint value creation. Where they move from Doing Agile to Being Agile, and develop a Growth Mindset. Our Twinxter Transformation Journey enables you to achieve just that. And then go on to truly thrive. 


Explore your fundamentals

Create a company-wide and connected Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values and Principles

Explore your WHY and create your own exciting story

Design your future organisation

Build your company’s Future Way of Working

Design your new operating model, aligned to your Purpose and value streams


Empower your people

Create high-performing teams

Gain speed and agility through the power of self-organising teams

Grow and start to thrive

Scale Agility and move from Doing Agile to Being Agile

Develop a company-wide, sustainable Growth Mindset to thrive


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