Build high-performing teams through distributed leadership

Empower your people

Build speed and agility within your company by embracing the power of self-organising leaders and teams who, in turn, execute and create value for customers.

Empower and onboard people in your new way of working


Adapt your company’s new Business Agile philosophy and methodologies


Work in self-organising and cross-functional teams


Create organisational rhythm through Agile Sprints and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)


Distribute leadership and responsibility (ie. distributed decision-making, prioritisation, budgeting, resources)


Support a fail-safe environment where it is safe to learn

Establish company-wide entrepreneurship and ownership


Agile knowledge, skills, capabilities and behaviour


A shift from doing agile to being agile, and from control to trust


An iterative work ethos of experiment, learn and improve


Abilities to stop firefighting, start prioritising and work on topics that really matter


A system of continuous feedback and improvement
Empower workshop
Empower autonomy

The result is Aligned Autonomy and a culture of trust


A motivated workforce, focused and executing on agreed purpose and direction


Ability to scale the new organisational model and way of working


A continuous and immersive learning organisation


Company-wide transparency and predictability


Drive performance and deliver customer value

Tailor-made solutions

As no two things are the same, it goes without saying (although we’re going to anyway) that everything will be tailored to your specific company and challenges.

Start operating in the new organisation

High Impact Training (HIT) of all employees on aspired behaviour and Growth Mindset

Onboarding the new way of working for employees and leaders

Agile leadership coaching/mentoring

Building, training and coaching on Big Room Planning such as Obeya

Team coaching: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing

Facilitation of process improvement

Who this is for

C-level, Executives & Middle Management

Transformation Leads & Teams (change agents)

HR/People & Culture Executives & Teams

All employees involved in the design of the transformation

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