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About the client

Roche Diagnostics NL is part of the innovative global healthcare company Roche, which consists of three divisions: Roche Pharma, Roche Diabetes Care and Roche Diagnostics. The latter is a world leader in ‘In Vitro Diagnostics’ and develops and brings to the market a wide range of diagnostics platforms, tests and (digital) solutions.

The situation

With the fast pace of change in the Dutch Diagnostics landscape, Roche Diagnostics found that the way we were operating was holding them back. They wanted to move faster and be more flexible so that they can focus more on patients and customers. In order to do that, they realised they needed to change their strategic direction, as well as the way they operated and collaborated. And so they embarked on their people-led transformation journey: STAR 2023 (Strategy | Transformation | Agility | Results).
Roche workshop
Roche workshop team

Why client selected Twinxter

After liaising with several parties, we chose to partner with Twinxter because we knew without a doubt we would gain unrivalled support from Twinxter and Alize in our Journey.

This sense of confidence came about from the overall quality of Twinxter’s inspiring pitch, their pragmatic approach, personal purpose, extensive knowledge and experience with Agile Transformation, focus creativity and hands-on attitude.

And we felt assured, safe in the knowledge that Twinxter understood the need for a customised approach and the specific support we needed for our Transformation Journey. 

Download the full case

Interested in reading more details on our approach, implemented changes and results? Download the full Roche case study here and expand your horizon.

Our approach

Together, we first decided to take an iterative approach and build change and Agile capabilities within the teams that would work on the strategic initiatives. Then, we defined the WHY of the change and how that would contribute to the higher Roche purpose.

We identified the internal need for visual management techniques and introduced the teams to the Obeya. In addition, we also developed a meeting rhythm to align with each other, have dialogues about new work coming in, prioritisation, planning, problem solving, goal setting, improving and so on.

During this exploration phase we organised design sprints to check Agile hypotheses and principles. All with the aim of gaining a common understanding and to find out what value this would bring to the Roche Diagnostics NL organisation.

Collaboration was also a big topic on the agenda, as a result of requests coming in from employees. We addressed what way of working and organising would help to improve collaboration between the teams, clients and other stakeholders.

Almost 70% (!) of leaders and employees signed up to be involved in the design sprints. They began to explore customer journeys and patient pathways, adaptive operating models, what other affiliates were working on and what helped them in their transformation, and they contacted external companies to get an outside perspective on what was going on in the market.

With an iterative approach, immediately experimenting with new techniques and visual management (Obeya), they collectively started to successfully design their future organisation.

The Results

  • New Operating Model in place with two platforms: one focusing on the short- to mid-term (current business); the other one on the mid- to long-term (future business). Both platforms will be supported by four enabling teams.
  • Teams: squads, chapters, expertise teams and enabling teams are up & running with a clear purpose, team agreements & a rhythm.
  • Introduction and continuous evolution of Obeya: the online ‘war room’ where the company’s strategy, goals and performance are accessible for all. All the teams meet here, and align on the work that needs to be done in a fully transparent way.
  • Introduction and evolution of Objectives and Key Results (OKR), as our new goal-setting approach.
  • Embedded company rhythm, in which goal-setting, retros and reviews take place every trimester. Progress, performance, resource planning and risks are managed by means of a bi-weekly Market Place.
  • Inhouse Transformation Programme Office (TPO) team in place with change and agile skills and capabilities.
  • All-time high customer satisfaction score of 85%, where customers are also getting to benefit from all the transformation efforts.
  • Development and roll-out of tailored-made decision-making guardrails and framework, to empower the organisation to make the decisions where the knowledge is.
  • Ultimately 100% of the colleagues were, and still are, involved in the Transformation Journey.
  • Found a sound balance of how Agile could work for us: Stick to the original intent / philosophy while at the same time acknowledging (and therefore adapting) how it could work for us in the best possible way.

For more details on our approach, implemented changes and results, please feel free to download the full case study.

Esther de Rooij

Esther de Rooij

General Manager, Roche Diagnostics NL

You can read all the books about transforming an organisation, you can do lots of workshops and have long discussions about how to get it right. But it all starts by doing. Twinxter and Alize understood the challenge we faced very well (transform while running a business). They supported the Leadership Team, the Transformation Office and all the people in the organisation with the essential ingredients for success. Alize and Twinxter had a pragmatic approach, delivered candid and useful feedback, offered a lot of knowledge we could tap into and was a lighthouse that kept us going.