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TwinxterAcademy is our learning space. It’s the place to go if you’re looking to boost your Business Agility capabilities and help your company to not just survive, but to truly thrive.

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We’ve made things easy for you. At TwinxterAcademy you’ll find all you need to know about Business Agility and how to drive your own Business Agile Transformation. From discovering your Purpose, to role modelling; and from building a desire for change, to using the Collective Intelligence within your organisation. All the ingredients you need to master the Art of Business Agility yourself and steer your organisation through a Business Agile Transformation.

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What TwinxterAcademy is all about

TwinxterAcademy is specially designed for those who are looking to start, or need to boost, their own Business Agile Transformation. Or for those who could do with a nudge in the right direction if they’re at a crossroads or finding it hard to move forwards. Whether you follow the complete transformation programme or pick and choose specific individual modules focused on your particular needs, our highly interactive and practical programmes will have you working on your own case(s) in your company, so you can put everything you learn into practice straight away.

You’ll be taught by the world’s leading tutors, who have been helping companies to make the switch to Business Agility for many years. You will also be connected to our global Purpose-Driven People community of students and alumni to help you expand your horizons.

We offer a broad range of Masterclasses and eLearning programmes covering the following topics

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Our 360º Masterclass programme offers you a unique people-centric approach towards successfully leading your own transformation towards Business Agility in your organisation, department or team.

People & purpose

People & Purpose

Explore and build the skills and capabilities necessary to accelerate and lead a people-led transformation, based on a connected and compelling Purpose, Vision, Mission and Strategy.


Communication & Awareness

Deep-dive into the fundamental principles and philosophy of Agile and the power of storytelling. Map your unique transformation journey based on individual personas and understand the impact this has on your employees.
Identifying Constraints

Identifying Constraints

Deal with the Agility Paradox, and dive into Big Room Planning such as Obeya and how to execute on your Purpose. Learn how to organise steady work rhythms, Quarterly Business Reviews and create a Governance of Trust.
Role Modelling

Role Modelling

Understand the changing role of leadership and distribution of leadership to facilitate self-organisation. Explore different worldviews, become conscious of behaviours you would like to see and how others perceive you, and know how to set an example and how to show these behaviours yourself.
Community Building

Community Building

This is all about unleashing the power of the Collective Intelligence in your organisation. Learn from nature, what this has to do with agility and how to build powerful communities within your organisation.
Learning Organisation

Learning Organisation

Deep-dive into the intangible parts of change. Learn how to apply the Change Curve and the Transition Circle. Start changing the way you think and learn to grow your mindset. Learn to practise with letting go, and how to experiment, fail, learn and improve.


Study the influence of the ecosystem on your business system and vice versa. Understand how different operating models can bring you closer to a networking system to facilitate agility. Learn how to introduce new technologies and emerging strategies into your organisation that enable people to grow instead of replacing them.

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Who is it for

Our programmes are designed for all organisations looking to transform themselves into a Business Agile Powerhouse and/or those who need help in, or want to focus on, one specific part of that journey. For Small/Midsized Companies, it’s an ideal solution for starting their own transformation without the need for external consultants.

For Large Enterprises, it’s a great way to train entire teams in one go. And whether you’re looking for a full Transformation Journey or just a part of that journey, you’ll find all possibilities at TwinxterAcademy thanks to the way our modular programmes are set up.

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