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Discover how you can get the most out of your teams with our unique Business Agility Scan©. Gain invaluable insights and a clear picture of where to start and why.

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Gaining insight into the state of your Business Agility capabilities is key to driving your people-driven transformation. Our unique Business Agility Scan© will provide you with these invaluable insights and give you a clear picture of where you stand. You’ll discover the gaps within your organisation, how to bridge them and what you need to focus on to overcome them.

*Research by Ernst & Young and Forbes Insights

Gap between perception andreality

Ninety-eight percent of CEOs are confident that their organisational Purpose is well understood by all employees*. This percentage drops to 50% at Vice President level and goes down further when looking at middle management and below. What’s more, 35% of middle management or below even experience a disconnect between the organisational Purpose and day-to-day actions.

Bridge the future

To bridge this concerning gap, it is important that leaders are aligned and prepared to lead the change based on a connected and company-wide Purpose, Vision, Mission and Strategy. The key insights gained from our Business Agility Scan© offer you a range of possibilities to overcome these kinds of impediments. You’ll gain a stronger understanding as to why and where these internal constraints arise and how to eliminate them.

Start to thrive

A high-ranking Business Agility Score means your organisation has flow. And having flow means you’ll not only merely survive, you’ll thrive (and outperform your competitors). You’ll also see a positive vibe embed itself within the organisation as you become that aspired place where everyone wants to work and employees are eager to stay.

How it works

In our Business Agility Scan©, you will be asked to rate your performance (on a scale of 1 to 10) against a series of statements, subjects or issues for each element of the People Journey Circle (please see categories below), and covering multiple levels of your organisations, ranging from organisational and business unit to team and individual. 

The final scores will show you where you stand with regards to just how agile each level is. And this will give you all the insights you need to help you prioritise where to start or what you need to focus on to improve.

Seven indicators of Business Agility


People & Purpose
How is the heart of your organisation aligned to be meaningful and valuable?


Communication & Awareness
Does your organisation use different language and stories to create awareness?


Identifying Constraints
How well does your company identify and fix constraints to create a Governance of Trust?


Role Modelling
How do you show the behaviours you want to see, and how does this relate to leading and distributed leadership?


Community Building
How well do you understand and apply the intelligence of the crowd and use it to build communities?


Learning Organisation
Choose how you want to change and create a Growth Mindset.


How is systems thinking incorporated within your company and which role do you want to have to be of value?

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How do you think your company will score compared to others? Do your ambitions, management perceptions and Business Agility Score actually match? Why wait to find out?

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