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Looking to ignite your event or conference? Alize is one of the industry’s leading speakers and moderators. She is renowned for her charismatic conference contributions and the way she shares innovative insights with her audience all around the world.

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Twinxter conference


Gain inspiration for you and your teams with tailor-made keynotes, workshops and out-of-the-box experiences that help to unleash new Ways of Working and thinking in your company.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

Change, Transform, Thrive

Today’s world requires rapid responses to change. Organisations used to reorganise when change was necessary; nowadays, they transform. We dive into each area, how to transform successfully, and explore how to avoid change becoming a never-ending story.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

Humanising business in a digital world

In a world that’s becoming increasingly virtual, our journey to the Future of Work is accelerating fast. Digitalisation is changing, reinventing or even eradicating the way we work. Is reintroducing the human touch in business a pro or a con? We explore how work can become more meaningful for all.
People Journey Circle

The People Journey Circle© – a catalyst for Business Agility & sustainable growth

Embark on your unique journey towards Business Agility fully aware of your Why, How and Where. With our People Journey Circle© and Business Agility Scan©, you’ll discover each element, gain insights and understand how to create an approach that puts people at the heart of your future organisation.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

People & Purpose – the soul of your organisation

People & Purpose are the foundation of Why you exist and What makes your organisation unique and perform better. Learn the inner secrets on aligning People & Purpose and how to unleash the magic of the people within your organisation. *This talk can be perfectly combined with a workshop, where we put the learnings into practice.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

Communication & beyond – a key to vibrant change

Culture, transparency, worldview and language used are key components for understanding each other, and that create or break awareness, desire and trust. Learn about different ways of communicating, resulting in vibrant interactions and collaborations.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

The agility paradox in transformation

The transformation towards Business Agility removes constraints. But introduces new ones along the way too, which can prevent progress or draw you back into old habits. Discover how you can set up a visual governance, identify and eliminate constraints, and focus on building trust and fulfilling your purpose.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

Leadership – a mission impossible?

These days, we’re seeing more of a shift towards networking organisations, self-organising teams and forms of distributed leadership. So how do you act in this new Way of Working? Explore how to bridge the gap and become the role model you want to be.
Building Communities

The power of collective intelligence

Yesterday’s knowledge and way of thinking can no longer solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems. So how do you enrich your company and grow? Find out how to break through existing silos and echo-chambers and how to unleash the collective intelligence of the people within your organisation.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

Learning is not a spectator sport

The future of work is changing rapidly, so how does your company keep up? How does transforming to an agile Way of Working and thinking help? Explore what is needed to grow towards a learning organisation and start designing your future of learning.
Alize Hofmeester speaker

A bright future in the ecosystem

Be it in the natural or the business worlds, the ecosystem we are part of is becoming increasingly unpredictable, compelling us to learn to deal with change and loss, and the ability to adapt. Which isn’t a bad thing if we’re willing to see the blind spots. We dive into what is necessary to step out of the comfortable half-truths we tell ourselves and unlock the opportunities of the ecosystem for everyone.

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