From purpose to strategy and execution

Explore your fundamentals

Build and align your company’s unique and people-centric Purpose, Vision, Mission and Strategy by exploring new approaches and discovering new ways of working and thinking.

Dicover your WHY & reason for being


Your unique purpose and connected vision, mission and strategy


Your purpose-based values and principles


The aspired leaders you want to be and how to be a Role Model


Your Business Agility capabilities and emergent strategies


An in-depth understanding of your People-centric Transformation

Develop your aspired culture and mindset


The WHY and unique story of your organisation


Aligned strategic capabilities


Adaptive frameworks, operating models and value streams


In-company change and leadership capabilities


Behaviour based on purpose, values and principles
Explore mindset
Basic-fit workshop

The result is an inspiring people-centric and adaptive organisation


An inspiring change story that creates employee awareness and company-wide engagement


Company-wide alignment, from purpose to execution


The ability to use change models such as the People Journey Circle, Change Curve, Transition Circle, ADKAR and many more


Knowledge on how to apply the agile principles/values


An attractive, people-led organisation where people want to work

Tailor-made solutions

As no two things are the same, it goes without saying (although we’re going to anyway) that everything will be tailored to your specific company and challenges.

Rapidly develop your in-house strategic capabilities

We will achieve this through

Strategy sessions, and Leadership and Transformation training
C-level coaching
The setting up and coaching of Transformation Teams
The inclusion of a Twinxter expert within your Transformation Team
Overall guidance through Twinxter’s People-centric Transformation Journey
A Business Agility Scan© – company readiness

Who this is for

C-level, Executives & Middle Management

Transformation Leads & Teams (change agents)

HR/People & Culture Executives & Teams

All employees involved in the design of the transformation

Don't take our word for it

Trust our customers

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