Your secret to success: 5 Key benefits of the Obeya


In the dynamic world of business leadership, aligning your organisation from its overarching purpose to strategy and precise execution can often feel like a high-wire act. And now, there is a game-changer in play that has been transforming the way leaders navigate this challenging path. It’s called Obeya.

So, what is this game changer all about?

In short: it’s a holistic, visual management system that can help you steer your enterprise towards success. It is often represented in a large physical office or virtual room. The walls of this space are divided into several distinct sections that represent different parts of your operations. Think about sections that represent your purpose, strategy, Customer & Employee Experience, and projects that are being worked on by leaders and employees.

Together, they create this incredible holistic overview of all things that matter in your organisation – all gathered into one big visual overview. How cool is that?

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the five key benefits of using the Obeya methodology, and how it empowers leaders to execute on purpose with precision. 

1. Clarity and alignment

Imagine stepping into a room where your organisation’s essence, its ‘WHY,’ is visually laid out on one wall. Its purpose, vision, mission, values, and principles are right there, providing an unwavering clarity.

Strategy wall: From purpose to strategy

This Strategy wall showcases a comprehensive view of the strategic themes you aim to achieve. This immediate alignment of purpose and strategy is a fundamental strength of the Obeya. With such clarity, leaders and teams can consistently move into the same direction, working towards a shared vision. 

2. Seamless coordination

As you explore the room further, you’ll encounter the Deliver value wall where you can witness all the key milestones that various teams are diligently working on.

Deliver value wall: Execution based on purpose

These milestones are directly connected to your strategy and purpose. This interconnectedness allows leaders and team-members to see who is working on what and understand the interdependencies between the projects and teams. The result is a harmonious orchestra where all parts play in tune, contributing to the organisation’s overarching symphony.

3. Performance monitoring

    The Drive performance wall is your source for real-time performance data. At a glance, you can see whether everything is green – a sign that your company is on track – or if there is a red alert.

    Drive performance wall: Data-driven decision making drives performance

    This aspect of the Obeya empowers leaders to make data-driven decisions and take corrective action swiftly. It’s like having a dashboard for your organisation’s health, ensuring you are always on the right track.

    In God we trust. All others must bring data.

    W. Edwards Deming

    4. Customer-centric improvement

    Walking further into to the room, you encounter the Improvement wall and that is where the magic happens.

    Improvement wall: Reflect and continuously improve

    Here, you’ll find a visualised Customer Journey, with every touchpoint of your Customer Experience. It’s all about those moments that matter. Teams can use this information to refine and enhance their Customer Experience. With the Customer Journey always at the forefront, the organisation continually focuses on improving what truly matters to its customers.

    5. Purposeful focus

    By embracing the Obeya methodology, you will not only achieve alignment and clarity within your organisation, but also instil a company-wide sense of purpose and focus. It’s about channelling your efforts towards what truly matters. This focused approach saves time, conserves energy, and enhances efficiency. It enables you to achieve your goals faster, experience less stress, and lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

    So, do we really need more reasons to prioritise focus and purpose in our lives and companies?

     Before you embark on this transformative journey, remember that the success of your Obeya depends on all the people in the room, how you collaborate, the dialogues you have, the decisions you make, and your leadership approach based on purpose. It’s not just about the method; it’s about the philosophy behind it.

    Visual collaboration

    Moreover, Obeya walls are not predefined, giving you the freedom to design the Obeya to suit your organisation. After all, every organisation is unique.

    Now, it’s your turn

    As you envision this space where your organisation’s purpose meets its strategy and execution, consider this: How could the Obeya methodology enhance your leadership and organisation’s success? Are you ready to unleash the power of visual management to drive your company’s purpose and strategy to new heights?

    Linkedin Live with Adrian Bruno (CHRO Erste Group Bank)

    Then watch our Business Agility Boost LinkedIn Live recording of 17 November 2023, with me and our special guest Adriano Bruno (former CHRO Erste Group Bank). You can watch how Bruno has shared his experiences with the Obeya during their One HR transformation. Watch recording here.

    Obeya ensures alignment to business strategy and transparency of impact. As a Leader you can immediately steer and guide direction and remove barriers in a collaborative way.

    Adriano Bruno

    Can’t wait till the 17th and like to know more about how working with the Obeya can work for you and your organisation? Reach out or send me a DM. Happy to help you further connecting People to Purpose.

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