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Imagine yourself stepping into a room crackling with the energy of visionary change-makers, where the air is charged with the anticipation of breakthroughs and innovation. 

Welcome to Twinxter’s transformative Mastermind Climate for Change, where leaders with a passion for driving real change in their organisations come together to unlock the secrets of Business Agility.

You’re not just attending another conference or workshop. You are diving headfirst into an immersive experience where the boundaries of conventional thinking are pushed aside, and the power of Collective Intelligence becomes your guiding light. Here, it’s not just about exchanging ideas—it’s about harnessing the wisdom of the group to ignite profound transformations, both within your organisation and within yourself.

Business Agility Scan

This isn’t your typical gathering. This catalyst for change is not your typical gathering and is exclusively designed for strategic minds—CxOs, CHROs, VPs, Directors, and other change-makers.. You will be surrounded by peers who share your drive and ambition, each bringing their unique perspective to the table.

What sets this Mastermind apart is its unwavering commitment to interactivity. Through our innovative Climate for Change Experience, you will  dive deep into the dynamics of organisational transformation, exploring what it truly means to develop a climate and culture that is ripe for change.

Directly applicable

Get ready for a journey unlike any other. A journey that doesn’t end when this Mastermind does. 

What you will take-away here isn’t just theory. You will gainunexpected and diverse insights and perspectives into change. Practical wisdoms that you can immediately apply within your own organisation, setting the stage for lasting, impactful change.

Seven indicators of Business Agility

As part of the Mastermind you will also get a sneak preview into your company’s state of Business Agility maturity. This will help you to quickly identify which of the seven indicators of Business Agility you can pick-up and improve upon.


  • 19 June 2024
  • Details disclosed upon registration


  • The Chocolate Factory, Gouda, The Netherlands
  • Details disclosed upon registration


Though this is an ‘Invitation only’ event, we’d like to invite any peers who are interested in joining to reach out to us, so we can see what options there are for you.

For more information, please send an email to:

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